My Collection!!

This is my humble collection. The majority of the coins are from uncleaned lots. As a result, some of the coins are not pretty, at least not in the conventional sense. I can find something to admire in every coin. The detail of an eye, the folds of a robe, lettering that is at once both familiar and strange. Every coin, even the unattributable ones have something to offer me. It’s still fascinates me to hold a coin, no matter the condition, that is 1500+ years old. Who made it, who earned it and how? What did they spend it on? Its brief trip back in time all in the palm of my hand. In this virtual collection I will post any coin I can attribute to an Emperor.

The main focus of my collection is Roman Imperial Coinage. I enjoy the immense variey as well as the historical context of the coinage. Other than most of my coins are Roman Imperial, you will see I really don’t have a specialty, other than most come from uncleaned lots. Right now I collect what appeals to me. In the long run, I realize that I will have to settle on a specialty or two (or three!!), but for now, this is a lot of fun! I enjoy the treasure hunt aspect of the uncleaned lots. It’s still a thrill every time I find a new emperor, or style that I haven’t found before!

You will find a few typos and other strange things in the descriptions. I’m correcting the mistakes as I find them. I’m sure experts with a keener eye, and more experience will find some attribution errors, or can help complete an attribution If you can help, please e-mail me. There are also e-mail links on every page of the collection to make reporting errors easier. I still consider my self a newbie who can benefit from the knowledge of others.

I have tried to organize these pages as logically as possible. Some areas are "lumped" together, simply because they are out of my focus, and there aren't many coins to show. Coins in the Roman Imperial section are grouped by emperor, and then each emperors page is organized by RIC number.

I enjoy working on these pages, and will continue to add coins. I hope you enjoy your visit. If you are looking for something in particular there is a SEARCH function available on the nav bar at the top of this page.

Thanks and enjoy!!!


Greek, Roman Republic and Roman Imperatorial Coinage
Roman Imperial Coins
The Julio-Claudians    
Civil War of A.D 68-69
The Flavians
The Adoptives
The Severans
Collapse of Order
Recovery of The Empire
The Secessionist Empires    

     Romano-Gallic Empire
     Palmyrene Empire
The Tetrarchy    
The Constantine Era    
The Empire Divided
The Western Empire    
The Eastern Empire    
Roman Provincial Coinage
Other Types of Ancient Coins

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