Down-n-Dirty Stitching with


I have two images I want to stitch together.


Step 1

From the top toolbar choose CREATE PANORAMA IMAGE


Step 2

Choose Horizontal if you want the images side by side or vertical if you want one on top of the other


Step 3

Choose the first image, for horizontal it will be the image on the left of the stitched image, for vertical it will be the top image.


Step 4

Here is what it should look like once both images are selected, you can use the Remove image to remove an image. You can use the Move up or down to change the order of the images.


Step 5

Completed stitch!


Step 6

Chose FILE---->SAVE AS to save the stitched image


Step 7

Browse to where you want the image saved and name the image. From the drop down box choose the format you want (usually JPEG). The SAVE OPTIONS box on the right allows you to choose a compression level. Default setting are usually just fine. Less compression means higher image quality, but larger file sizes. More compression results in less image quality but smaller file sizes. 70 seems to me to be the sweet spot. No noticeable loss of quality, but quite a bit smaller file sizes.



Finished Image


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