Welcome to my web site!! Please look around and enjoy your visit. I'm still learning the basics of html, and web design, so please forgive me if something doesn't work or look right. This site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

I began collecting ancient Roman coins in late 2002. I was surfing around e-bay looking for some computer stuff, when I stumbled across some uncleaned Roman coins. I've always been somewhat fascinated with the Roman Empire, and was quite surprised how inexpensive the coins were. I was intrigued by the notion of owning a coin that was over 1500 years old, so I ordered a batch. A few days later I received my first batch and I have been scrubbing ever since! If you are new to the hobby I'm sure you will find yourself just as addicted as I am!! I have also made a few friends along the way, probably the best part of this whole hobby

My favorite part of this web site is, of course, my collection. I have assembled it mostly from uncleaned lots of coins. I have also purchased higher grade coins that struck my fancy for one reason or another. I enjoy sharing my humble collection, it has provided me with hours on enjoyment and learning. I also enjoy looking at other peoples collections, so if your collection is online, please share it with me!

I would like to emphasize that I should NOT be considered an expert. My intent for this site, other than my own entertainment, is to share my experiences as a new budget minded collector. I will share my opinions, for what they are worth, as well as techniques and resources I have found useful. So please feel free to look around. If you have any questions, or spot any problems or errors, please e-mail me.


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