Greek Coinage

As you can see, I currently have only 4 Greek coins. I'm mostly interested in Roman Imperial coins, but can't resist picking up somehting that catches my eye. At this point I know very little about Greek coinage. I'm sure that will change as I progress thru this hobby!!



Attica, Athens AR Tetradrachm. (23mmX25mm, 16.94g) After 449 BC.

Obv: Helmeted head of Athena right, in crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over visor & a spiral palmette on the bowl
Rev: AQE, owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig & crescent behind.

Sear GCV 2526, SNG Copenhagen 31. Ex. Scott Sexton


Bronze Trias (21mm, 7.7g) Struck 344-336 B.C. Syracuse, Sicily

Obv: Head of Athena wearing Corinthian style helmet

Rev: Hippocamp left, with curled wing.

Sears GCV-1119

This coin is from the Harry Stewart Collection. It frustrates me because I am unable to take a photograph of it that does it justice. The patina is green, smooth and glossy, it is as if I was holding a piece of jade in my hands!!


AE19 (19mm, 6.45g) of Alexander III (the Great) Struck 336-323 B.C. Macedonian Kingdom - Lifetime issue

Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin

Rev: Legend between bow, quiver, and club. below.

SGV 6739

Alex Tet

Silver Tetradrachm ( 30mm, 16.01 g) Struck ca. 125 to ca. 70 B.C. Odessos

Obv: Head Alexander The Great portrayed as Herakles, wearing lion's skin headdress

.Rev: Zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter. Legend in Greek. QE unde Zeus' arm, AAESANDROUin left field  BASILEWS in right field HD Monogram under chair

Price 1184, c.f. Muller 419 and SNG Copenhagen 723


AE16 (16mm 4.62 grams) Stuck 1st-2nd Century B.C
Pisidia, Selge

OBV: Circular shield (may have had a monot gram (pi)(o)

REV: Helmeted head of Athena Right

c.f. BMC 55, SGCV 5487


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