Never Reigned

MARCVS VIPSANIVS AGRIPPA was born about 63 BC to obscure parents in Rome. He was a boyhood friend of the future Emperor Augustus, and helped him raise a legion to assert his rights after the death of Julius Caesar. He served Augustus as both general and admiral for the remainder of his life, winning naval victories against Sextus Pompey at Naulochus (36 BC) and Antony at Actium (31 BC). Augustus intended Agrippa to be his successor, and had him marry his daughter Julia in 21 BC. However Agrippa died before Augustus, of natural causes in March, 12 BC after a rigorous winter campaign in Pannonia.(Excerpt from MONETA, from
Agrippa As RIC 58

Copper AS 28mm, 12.88g Struck 37-41 A.D Rome

Obv:M AGRIPPA L F COS III Head left wearing Rostral crown

Rev: S C Neptune standing facing left SC at sides

RIC 58



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