Reigned: 383-408 A.D.

FLAVIVS ARCADIVS was born in Spain to Theodosius I and Aelia Flaccilla in 377. He was created Augustus on January 19, 383 and assumed the throne of the Eastern Empire upon his father's death on January 17, 395. Unfortunately he inherited neither his father's energies nor abilities, and proved to be a disaster for the Empire, being dominated by those around him, most prominently by his wife, Aelia Eudoxia. His brother Honorius ruled the West, but relations between them were strained from the start. He died a natural death on May 1, 408, and left the throne to his seven-year-old son Theodosius II. (From MONETA, from

AE 2 (23mm. 4.71g) Struck 383-388 A.D. Nicomedia

Obv: D N HONORIVS P F AVG Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right.

Rev: VIRTVS EXERCITI Emperor standing right holding standard and globe, foot on captive SMNA in exergue

RIC IX 44c



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