Reigned 177-192ad

LVCIVS AVRELIVS COMMODVS, born in 161 to Faustina Jr. and Marcus Aurelius, became Caesar on October 12, 166 and co-Augustus with Aurelius in 177. When Aurelius died on March 17, 180 he smoothly took the throne, quickly gave up Aurelius' military gains, and faced a plot against his life led by his sister Lucilla. She and his wife Crispina were exiled and killed in 183. His reign is known for violence and depravity. He was an excellent athlete, and believed he was Hercules incarnate. His cruel insanity led to his murder on December 31, 192 by his Praetorian Praefect and his mistress Marcia.(Excerpt from MONETA, from

AR Denarius (17mm 2.97g) Struck 190-191ad Rome

Obv: M COMM ANT P FEL AVG BRIT P P Laureate bust right

Rev: MIN AVG P M TR P XVI COS VI Minerva running right, holding branch, sheild and spear

RIC 222a


AE Sestertius (28mm 16.77g) Struck 184-185ad Rome

Obv:M COMMODVS ANT FELIX AVG P BRIT Laureate bust right

Rev:TR P X IMP VII COS IIII P P LIBERAL AVG Commodus seated left on platform



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