Reigned: 305-306 A.D.

FLAVIVS VALERIVS CONSTANTIVS, the father of Constantine the Great, was born about 250 in Moesia Superior. He served as governor of Dardania before becoming the Praetorian Praefect of Maximian in 288. In 293 he was selected to become 'Caesar' under Maximian in the tetrarchy formed by Diocletian. His first task was to re-conquer Britain, which had seceded under Carausius, and by 296 that task was done. He then moved to Trier and maintained order along the Rhine. He become Augustus in 305 when Maximian abdicated. He moved to repel the Picts in Britain, but fell ill and died at York on July 25, 306.(From MONETA, from


AE Post Reform Radiate (21mm 2.87g) Struck c.303 A.D. Cathage

Obv: F L VAL CONSTANTIVS NOB C Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev: VOT X FK Vows in wreath

RIC VI 35a



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