Brother of Magnentius

Reigned: A.D. 351-353

MAGNVS DECENTIVS was the brother of Magnentius. He was made a Caesar at Milan by Magnentius shortly after Constantius II made Constantius Gallus a Caesar on March 15, 351. He was assigned the defense of Gaul, but suffered defeats by the Alemanni, principally those under Chonodomarius. He was installed as a consul of the western Empire at Trier on January 1, 352. When Constantius II invaded Gaul in 353, Decentius was expelled from Trier by an uprising led by Poemenius. Magnentius was defeated by Constantius and killed himself, and Decentius committed suicide at Sens on August 18, 353. (From MONETA, from

AE Centenionalis (22mm 5.49g) 351-353 A.D. Lugdunum

Obv: D N DECENTIVS NOB CAES Barehead cuirassed bust right

Rev: VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAE VOT V MVLT X Two victories facing, holding a wreath inscribed with vows between them. SP between RSLG in exergue





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