Wife of Marcus Aurelius

Reigned: 161-175 A.D.

ANNIA GALERIA FAVSTINA, born about 127 to Antoninus Pius and Faustina Sr., was engaged by Hadrian to Lucius Verus, but when Pius became Augustus on July 10, 138 he broke the engagement and engaged her to Marcus Aurelius. Due to her age the wedding was postponed until 145, with her first of perhaps thirteen children (including Commodus) being born in November of 147, when she received the title of Augusta. She accompanied Aurelius on some campaigns and trips, and was with him when she died at Halala in Cappadocia in late 175. She was deified, and Halala was re-founded as Faustinopolis. (From MONETA from www.numus.com)

Silver Denarius 18mm Struck 161-175 A.D. Rome

Obv: FAUSTINA AVGVSTA Draped bust right

Rev: FECVNDITAS Fecunditas holding child and sceptre

RIC III 677, Sears 5252


AE As 24mm Struck 156-175 A.D. Rome


Rev: SALVTI AVGVSTAE Salus seated left, feeding snake twined around altar

RIC III 1670


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