Wife of Theodosius I

Reigned: A.D. 379-386

AELIA FLAVIA FLACCILLA was born in Spain in the mid-fourth century to a prominent family (her father, Antonius, was the Praefect of Gaul) and married the future Emperor Theodosius I in 376. She was the mother of two sons who both became Augusti - Arcadius, born in 377, and Honorius, born in 384. She became Empress in 379, but didn't receive the title of Augusta until 383 when Arcadius was named Augustus. She died in Thrace in 386 and is primarily remembered for her Christian piety and her benevolence to the poor. (From MONETA, from

RIC 55

AE2 (22mm 6.02g) Aug 9, 378-Aug 25, 383 Constantinople, Officina 5

Obv: AEL FLACCILLA AVG Pearl-diademed, draped bust rt., hair elaborately weaved with long pliat up the back of head, and tucked under diadem.

Rev: SALVS REIPVBLICAE Victory seated right, inscribing Christogram on sheild set on short column

RIC IX 55.5





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