276 A.D.

MARCVS ANNIVS FLORIANVS was the half-brother of Tacitus by the same mother. He was appointed Praetorian Praefect by Tacitus in 275 and accompanied him to Asia Minor to deal with Gothic raids. Tacitus and Florian scored successes against the Goths, but Tacitus died in June, 276. Florian then declared himself Augustus. The west recognized his elevation but the east refused to and after a few weeks they hailed their commander, Probus, as Augustus. The armies met near Tarsus, but no decisive battle ensued. Finally after a few weeks, Florian's men avoided a war by murdering him (August, 276).

AE Antoninianus 22mm (4.2gm) Struck 276 A.D. Siscia

Obv: IMP C M AN FLORIANVS P AVG Radiate, cuirassed bust right (bust A)

Rev: FORTVNA REDVX Fortuna standing left holding rudder and cornucopiae XXIV in exergue

RIC V i 101



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