Wife of Galerius

Reigned: 293-311

GALERIA VALERIA was the daughter of Diocletian and Prisca. She married Galerius in 293 when he became Caesar under Diocletian. She accompanied Galerius on his Sassanian campaign of 296-298. She became Augusta in 308, three years after Galerius became Augustus. When Galerius died in May, 311, she was entrusted to Licinius I, but fled to Maximinus II. He proposed marriage, but exiled her to Syria when she refused. At his death in 313, she was condemned by Licinius as a threat. She fled and wandered with Prisca for 15 months before they were caught and beheaded at Thessalonica in 315.(From MONETA, from

AE Follis (23mm, 4.75gr) 308-311 A.D. Thessalonica

Obv: GAL VALERIA AVG Diademed, draped, and facing bust, hear right

Rev: VENERI VICTRICI Venus standing facing, head left, right hand holding up an apple, drapery over left shoulder * in left field, B in right ·SM·TS· in exergue

RIC VI 36 E Ex. Harry Stewart Collection



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