Mother of Constantine I

Reigned: 324-329 A.D.

FLAVIA IVLIA HELENA was born about 250 in Bithynia to an innkeeper. She married Constantius I about 270 and their only child, Constantine I, was born in either 272 or 273. When Constantius became a Caesar in 293 in the first tetrarchy of Diocletian, he was compelled to divorce Helena and marry the step-daughter of Maximian, Theodora. Helena's fortunes improved when Constantine became Augustus in 307. She was soon given the title 'Nobilissimus Femina', and in 324 honored with the title of Augusta. She made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 327, and died peacefully in 329 shortly after her return. (from MONETA, from www.numus.com)

Helena RIC 82

AE Follis (19mm 3.63g) Struck 327-8 A.D. Antioch

Obv: FL HELENA AVGVSTA Diademed and mantled bust right wearing a necklace

Rev: SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE Securitas standing left, holding branch SMANTS in exergue



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