Reigned: 161-169 A.D.

LVCIVS VERVS was born in 130 as Lucius Ceionius Commodus to Domitia Lucilla and Lucius Ceionius Commodus. His father, under the name Aelius, was adopted as Hadrian's heir in 136, but died in 138. Antoninus Pius was then made heir on condition that he adopt Marcus Aurelius and Aelius' son. After Pius died on March 7, 161, Aurelius succeeded him and he made Aelius' son his co-Augustus, under the name of Lucius Verus. Verus spent 162-166 in the east while his generals fought the Parthians, but he was consumed by vice. After a brief Danubian campaign he died in February, 169 and was deified. (From MONETA, from
Lucius Verus RIC 482

Silver Denarius (18mm, 3.46g) Struck 161-162 A.D. Rome

Obv:IMP L AVREL VERVS AVG Barehead right

Obv: PROV DEOR TR P II COS II Providentia holding globe and cornucopiae



Provincial Coinage


AE 20 Caesarea, Cappadocia, AD 166

Obv: AVTOKP OVHPOC CE laureate head right

Rev KAICAPEWN T P APGAIW Mt. Argaeus with conical peak, ETE in ex.

Syd 360




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