Gallic Usurper

Reigned: 350-353 A.D.

FLAVIVS MAGNVS MAGNENTIVS was born at Amiens about 303 to humble parents. He rose in the army to become a general under Constans. On January 18, 350 Magnentius rebelled against Constans at Autun. Constans fled, but was overtaken and slain. Magnentius moved against Constantius II in 351, and was defeated at the Battle of Mursa on September 28. He retreated to Gaul, and Constantius methodically began to conquer Magnentius' lands. In 353 he invaded Gaul, and in the summer defeated Magnentius at the Battle of Mons Seleucus. Magnentius committed suicide in Lyon on August 10, 353.(From MONETA, from

AE 3 (20mm) Struck 350-354 A.D. Arelate

Obv: D N MAGNENTIVS P F AVG Barehead draped and cuirassed bust right A behind bust

Rev: VICTORIAE DD N AVG ET CAE Two victories facing holding wreath inscribed with VOT V MVL X no supporting coulumns. I between PAR in exergue




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