Mother of Severus Alexander

Reigned: A.D. 222-235

IVLIA AVITA MAMAEA was born in Syria to Julius Avitus and Julia Maesa. Her maternal aunt was Julia Domna, the wife of Septimius Severus. Her older sister was Julia Soaemias, the mother of Elagabalus. Her fourteen-year-old son, Varius Alexianus (renamed Severus Alexander), was declared Augustus (and Mamaea Augusta) on March 6, 222, after Elagabalus' murder. She completely dominated her son, but being wise, intelligent, and of exemplary character, Alexander's reign was very successful. Yet disgruntled soldiers, led by Maximinus, murdered Mamaea and her son on March 22, 235 in Germany.(From MONETA, from www.numus.com)

AR Denarius (18mm, 2.85g) Struck A.D. 222-255 Rome

Obv: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG Diademed, draped bust right, hair waved and tucked at back of neck

Rev: VESTA Vesta, veiled, standing left, palladium in right hand, vertical scepter in left

RIC IV ii 360



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