Reigned: 309-313 A.D.

GAIVS GALERIVS VALERIVS MAXIMINVS was born in Illyricum about 270 to a sister of Galerius. When Diocletian abdicated on May 1, 305 in favor of Galerius, Maximinus became a Caesar. He was given the title of 'Filius Augustorum' after the Conference of Carnuntum in 308. In early 310 his troops hailed him as Augustus. Galerius died in 311, and Licinius and Maximinus became rivals for his territory. Maximinus peacefully gained Asia Minor, but war was inevitable. They fought at Tzirallum in Thrace on April 30, 313 and Maximinus was beaten badly. He escaped but committed suicide at Tarsus a few months later.(Excerpt from MONETA, from


AE Follis (22mm 6.55g) Struck 311 A.D. Antioch

Obv: IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG Laureate bust right

Rev: GENIO EXERCITVS Genius wearing modius standing left holding cornucopia and patera over altar ANT in exergue in right field

RIC VI-147c


AE Follis (22mm 4.64g) Struck 310-313 A.D Nicomedia

Obv: IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG Laureate bust right

Rev: SOLI INVICTO Sol standing left, right hand raised in salute and holding head of Serapis in left hand SMN in exergue * G over in left field

RIC VI 77b

Civic Coinage  
vagi 294

AE 1/4 Follis (14mm 1.42g) Struck AD 310-312 Antioch

OBV: GENIO ANTIOCHENI Tyche, turreted and veiled, seated facing on rock, river-god Orontes swimming in front

REV: APOLLONI SANCTO Apollo standing facing, head left, patera in right hand, lyre in left
A  in right field

Vagi 2954


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