Reigned: A.D. 235-238

GAIVS IVLIVS VERVS MAXIMINVS was born in 173 in Thrace to a Gothic father, Micca, and an Alan mother, Ababa, both of peasant stock. He was noted for his tremendous size and strength. He entered the army and commanded a legion by the time of Severus Alexander's German campaign of 234-235. His soldiers murdered Alexander and proclaimed him Augustus on March 22, 235. He spent the next three years fighting the Germans, Dacians and Sarmatians. A revolt in Africa in 238 spread to Italy and he moved to put it down. He was killed by his own men during the siege of Aquileia on May 10, 238. (From MONETA, from

RIC 23

Silver Denarius (18mm 3.14g) Struck A.D. 236-237 Rome

Obv: MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG GERM Laureate draped bust right

Rev: VICTORIA GERM Victory standing left holding wreath and palm,German captive at her feet

RIC 23 ex William Boyd Collection



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