Reigned: 365-366 A.D.

PROCOPIVS was born about 330 in Cilicia. He was related to Julian the Apostate, perhaps a maternal cousin. He was a tribune under Constantius II, and received a high military command under Julian, who was rumored to have chosen him as successor. When Julian was killed, the army selected Jovian, and when he died eight months later, the unpopular Valens became the Emperor of the east on March 28. Procopius rebelled at Constantinopolis on September 28, 365. The revolt spread quickly at first, but Procopius was defeated at Nacolea, captured soon after, and beheaded immediately on May 28, 366.(From MONETA, from

AE 3 (21mm) Struck 365-366 A.D. Heraclea

Obv: D N PROCOPIVS P F AVG Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev: REPARATIO FEL TEMP Emperor standing, facing, hand right, holding labarum in right hand and rest left hand on sheild. CHI-RHO above in exergue




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