Reigned: 270 A.D.

MARCVS AVRELIVS CLAVDIVS QUINTILLVS, the younger brother of Claudius II, was probably born in Moesia Superior. He was serving as commander at Aquileia when word came in the spring of 270 that Claudius had died. Quintillus' legions declared him Augustus, and the Senate ratified their choice. However, instead of moving to consolidate his position he stayed in Aquileia. Meanwhile the Danubian legions hailed Aurelian as Augustus, and when word reached Aquileia of the action of that mighty army, all support for Quintillus evaporated, and he committed suicide a few days later, after reigning 77 days. (From MONETA, from www.numus.com)

Quintillus RIC Vi 18

AE Antoninianus (18mm, 2.11g) Struck 270 A.D. Rome

Obv: IMP C M AVR C L QVINTILLVS AVG Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev: FIDES MILITVM Fides standing left holding standard and spear in left field

RIC V i 18


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