Roman Republic

Syd 513

AR Denarius. Marcus Porcius Laece 125 B.C. Rome (16mm, 3.58g)

Obv: LAECA Helmeted head of Roma right, (XVI monogram) in right field. Banker marks on face and right field

Rev M. PORC Libertas in fast quadriga right, crowned by Victory flying left, ROMA in exergue. Bankers marks

Sear 146, RRC 270/1, CRR 513, RSC Porcia 3

Ex Vel Garnet collection

Sear 367

AR Denarius L. Scribonius Libo 62 B.C.
Rome (21.5mm 4g)

Obv: Diademed head of Bonus Eventus r. BON EVENT before, LIBO behind

Rev: The Puteal Scribonianum decorated with garland between two lyres and a hammer at base PVTEAL above SCRIBON below.

Sear 367, RRC 416/1. CRR 9287, RSC Scribonia 8-8b




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