Reigned: 222-235ad

MARCVS IVLIVS GESSIVS ALEXIANVS BASSIANVS was born in Phoenicia in 208 to Gessius Marcianus and Julia Mamaea. Mamaea's aunt was Julia Domna, Septimius Severus' wife. When Macrinus was murdered in 218, Alexianus' cousin Elagabalus became Emperor. Alexianus was named Caesar in 221, and when Elagabalus was murdered on March 6, 222, he became Emperor as Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander. He ruled extremely well, always under his mother's influence. However, loved by the people but loathed by the legions, Maximinus' soldiers murdered them both near Mainz on March 22, 235.(Excerpt from MONETA, from

RIC 235

AR Denarius (19.9mm, 2.8g) Struck A.D. 231 Rome

Obv: IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG Laureate and draped bust right

Rev: IOVIS PROPVGNATOR Jupiter standing, hurling thunderbolt

RIC IV ii 240 , C. 89, RSC-89


AR Denarius (18mm 2.31g) Struck A.D. 222-228 Antioch

Obv: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG Laureate and draped bust right

Rev: PAX AETERNA AVG Pax facing, head left, holding branch in left hand, staff in right

RIC 291


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