Gallienus' Wife

Reigned: 253-268 A.D.

CORNELIA SALONINA was married to Gallienus about 242. The Caesars Saloninus and Valerian II were among their children. Salonina is said to have been very beautiful, virtuous, faithful, intelligent, gentle, and learned. She was very much esteemed by the Roman public, and was called by the Greeks 'Chrysogena', which means "begotten of gold". She sometimes traveled with her husband and was unfortunately with him in March of 268 when he was assassinated while besieging the rebel Aureolus in Mediolanum (Milan). She was also killed by the assassins, to the great sorrow of the Roman public.(From MONETA, from


billon Antoninianus (19mm 3.75g) Struck 256-257 A.D. Rome

Obv: SALONINA AVG Diad. & draped bust right on crescent

Rev: PIETAS AVG Pietas standing left holding a box of perfumes

RIC V 33



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