Reigned: 306-307 A.D.

FLAVIVS VALERIVS SEVERVS was an Illyrian of humble birth who was a friend of Galerius. When Maximian abdicated on May 1, 305, he appointed his Caesar Constantius I to be the new Augustus, and at Galerius' urging, Severus II was appointed to be the western Caesar. In 306 when Constantius died, Severus II became Augustus and Constantius' son, Constantine I, became Caesar. Maximian's son, Maxentius, had been twice ignored, and in October 306 he simply proclaimed himself Augustus at Rome. Severus II invaded Italy, but was captured at Ravenna and executed at Rome before the end of 307. (From MONETA, from

Severus II

AE Post Reform Radiate (20mm 2.66g) Struck 306 A.D. Alexandria

Obv: FL VAL SEVERVS NOB CAES Radiate draped and cuirassed bust right

Rev: CONCORDIA MILITVM Prince standing right receiving small victory on globe from Jupiter

RIC 60a   Ex William C. Boyd collection (1840-1906), Baldwins Auction (42) 9/26/05 Purchased by Mr. Boyd from W. Christian, Swanley, 11/22/1903




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