Reigned: A.D. 375-392

FLAVIVS VALENTINIANVS was born at Trier on July 2, 371 to Valentinian I and his second wife, Justina. He became co-Augustus of the west with his half-brother Gratian on November 22, 375, upon their father's death. After Gratian was killed by Magnus Maximus in 383, Valentinian ruled Italy and Illyricum. When Maximus invaded Italy in 387, Valentinian was rescued by Theodosius I, Augustus of the east and his brother-in-law, who killed Maximus and restored him. His last years were overshadowed by his general Arbogastes, who probably was behind his mysterious death at Vienne on May 15, 392. (From MONETA, from

RIC IX 28b

AE 2 (24mm, 4.7 g) Struck A.D. 378-383 Lugdunum

Obv: D N VALENTINIANVS IVN P F AVG pearl diadem, draped, cuirassed bust right

Rev: REPARATION REIPVB Emperor standing facing, head left. With his right hand he is raising a kneeling turreted woman, his left hand holds Victory on a globe S in right field Mintmark should be LVGP or LVGS

RIC IX 28b




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