Reigned: 253-260ad

PVBLIVS LICINIUS VALERIANVS was born shortly after 190. He was commanding troops along the Rhine when Trebonianus Gallus was killed during Aemilian's revolt in July, 253. Valerian's troops hailed him Augustus and he quickly moved into Italy to confront Aemilian, who was then killed by his own men in September, 253. Valerian and his son (and co-Augustus) Gallienus set out in 254 to restore the Empire's frontiers, Valerian taking the east and Gallienus the west. After six years of warfare, Valerian was captured by treachery by the Sassanians in May, 260, and he died in captivity at an unknown date.(Excerpt from MONETA, from


AE Antoninianus (20mm 3.30g) Struck 257 A.D.Antioch

Obv IMP VALERIANVS AVG Radiate and draped bust right

Rev: P M TR P V COS IIII PP Valerian and Gallienus stg. facing, sheilds and crossed spears between them

RIC 277

RIC 287

Billon Antoninianus (20mm, 3.75g) Struck 255-6 A.D. Antioch

Obv: IMP C P LIC VALERINAVS P F AVG Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev: RESTITVT ORIENTIS Turreted female (the Orient) standing right presenting wreath to Valerian standing left, holding spear.

RIC V i 287 Sears 9967


Billon Antoninianus (21mm, 3.32g) Struck 253 A.D. Antioch

Obv: IMP C P LIC VALERIANVS AVG Radiate draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev: VOTA ORBIS Two victories affixing a sheild inscribed S C on a palm tree

RIV V i 294



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