VICTORINVS Gallic Usurper

Reigned: 268-270 A.D.

MARCVS PIAVVONIVS VICTORINVS, the son of Victorina, was the Praetorian Praefect of the Gallic Emperor Postumus. In 268 Postumus was murdered by his own men and was succeeded by Marius, who only ruled for a few weeks. After Marius' murder, Victorinus became Emperor of the Gallic Empire. During Victorinus reign Claudius II regained part of southern Gaul, and Spain peacefully returned from the Gallic Empire to the fold of the Roman Empire. Victorinus was a very brave and able general, but notorious as a womanizer, and he and his young son were slain by a jealous husband at Cologne in 270.(Excerpt from MONETA, from

RIC 78

Billon Antoninianus (20mm 2.60g ) Struck 268-270 A.D. Cologne

Obv: IMP C VICTORINVS P F AVG Radiate, draped bust right

Rev: VIRTVS AVG Virtus standing right, holding spear and leaning on sheild

RIC V ii 78, Sear 11185, C. 131
Ex. Honor Coin and Stamp


Billon Antoninianus (20mm 2.60g ) Struck 268-270 A.D. Gallic mint probably located at Trier

Obv: IMP C VICTORINVS P F AVG Radiate and draped bust right

Rev: PAX AVG Pax standing left holding olive branch and sceptre V in left field * in right

RIC 118



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