Reigned A.D. 69

AVLVS VITELLIVS was born in 15 AD to Sextilia and Lucius Vitellius, a favorite of Claudius. Vitellius served as consul in 48, and was proconsul of Africa from 61-63. In 68 Galba appointed him as Governor of Germania Inferior. The Rhine legions chose Vitellius to replace the unpopular Galba, but Otho had already deposed Galba in a coup in January of 69. Vitellius' legions marched against Otho, and on April 16 Otho killed himself. Vitellius' reign was short-lived, as the eastern legions under Vespasian rebelled against him in July. He was killed in Rome on December 20, 69 by the victorious troops of Vespasian. (From MONETA, from


RIC 93

Silver Denarius (16mm 2.7g) struck A.D. 69 Rome

Obv: A VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVG TR P Laureate head right

Rev: IVPPITER VICTOR Jupiter seated left, holding Victory in right hand, scepter in left

RIC I 93. BMC-22, RSC 42   CNG Electronic Auction 151, lot 224, ex Richard Winokur collection





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